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Kusmi Seedlac

Seedlac  is produced by crush the raw sticklac into a smaller pieces, then wash the raw seedlac with water and Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash). This washing process will clean up dust.impurity and red dye.  After that, dry the washed seedlac by the sun. Clean up again for remaining unwanted material.
        Seedlac is a raw material for Shellac production, both Flake shellac and Bleached shellac. Normally we will keep lac is seedlac form because it is much easier to restore and has more self-life than sticklac. Also it is ready to use in shellac production.

        Seedlac can have varieties color from yellow orange and brown, depend on the type of lac bug and their origin.

        Northern@Seedlac  is a seedlac produced from Thai sticklac. With more than 30 years of experience and capacity over 2,000 tons a year. We can assure our quality and right on time delivery. 

Northern@Seedlac specification 

Moisture                                 <2.5%

Insoluble                                 <3.5%

Flow rate                                >25 mm

Thermal setting time              >180 sec

Or other specification agreement