Production Standard

            Northern Siam Seedlac Co.,Ltd recognizes the importance of the manufacturing process. In order to, get a product that is standard and safe for our consumers. Moreover, we also consider in quality and consistent standards of every products, including customers safety.

            All our products are manufactured under the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). It is a critical point analysis system in the production process which ensures that the products are safe for consumers. In the field of internal management, the company has established a good operating principle by using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for preparing the environment for production process, places of production, standardized machinery and equipment, including personal hygiene. Employees are trained in the production process. The strict guidelines are as follows: Officials or persons who enter the production area must wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment and wash their hands with antiseptic before entering the production area attempts to meet GMP standard.

Northern Siam Seedlac Co.,Ltd focused on quality production from modern technology (Food Grade Stainless Steel S304). Conveyor system equipment certified food grade standards. Consumers are assured of maximum security.

We also adopted this system as a norm in its operations. In order to, maintain the safety standards without effecting the environment. Together with, the cooperation of both management and staff at all levels.