Company History

        1986 Mr. Chaisri Satchachai foresaw the opportunity to operate a seedlac business in Lampang. Since Lampang  is the most lac-growing province in Thailand. Therefore, he decided to start a Seedlac Manufacturing company with the registered capital of 10 million baht.

        1993 Previously due to communication barriers and restrictions, the company had to export products through brokers, which sometimes under pressure. The company had to export its own products for the first time in 1993. The first export market was in the United States, following by Japan. As a result, the company opened up a worldwide market.

        1997 In 1997 Thailand experienced severe economic problems. By that time, the government used export stimulus to bring in the country. The main policy at the time was the floating exchange rate with the baht depreciation. Therefore, the exporters can greatly increase the competitiveness. As a result, the company can increase its market share and expand its production capacity.

        2003 Our Company has increased its registered capital by 10 million baht, totaling 20 million baht.

        2006 Our company has renovated the factory and production process. By using more tools and machinery in the production line, human labor has been reduced and production capacity has been increased.

        2007 Better communication has resulted in more customers. The company expanded its production capacity by adding more machines in the production lines, build additional yard, including new warehouse. In order to, support the expansion of capacity to 2000 tons of seedlac production per year.

        2010 Our company has expanded its business by expanded a new plant in Mae Tha. This new plant is mainly aimed to purchase sticklac and also other agricultural crops. The new factory is about 15 kilometers away from the previous factory. It is aimed to buy animal feed corn for drying and send feed mill. We also buy tropioca to process it into a line and pass it for animal feed. In additional, today we has expanded ours business in raising cattle. And increase the company's registered capital to 10 million baht to 30 million baht.

        2014 The company recognizes the importance of research enhancements. Therefore, we started researching the production of Dewaxed shellac use in the wood, food and cosmetics industries. In order to, increase the value and sustainability of the industry. The new plant has been built in 2015 and completed in 2016 with a maximum production capacity of 500 tons of shellac per year. Our new line of production include, Dewaxed Flake Shellac, Ready use shellac for wood coating.